Center for Peripheries is a collective operating at the intersection of social research and space-based art. It consists of three artists who stem from Europe’s different peripheries (the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans), but reside and collaborate in Berlin—one of Europe’s most significant centers, and the EU’s (statistically) most populous city—which has throughout recent history embodied the dialectic of East and West. Aiming to explore the relations of power and the mechanisms of othering within and beyond the far ends of this dialectic, Center for Peripheries operates through small-scale interventions themed around different notions of everyday life, expanding them into analyses of wider political contexts.

Public Viewing
13.06 - 13.07 
B-Part Exhibition, Berlin

Gruppe Motto, Hamburg

Pillar of Societies
Neue Galerie Innsbruck



      Des Nachbars Garten explores neighborly relations at different scales: fleeting moments of solidarity, micro, conflicts, transnational movements, pan-continental strifes. While some are optimistic or idealistic, others are confusing, contentious, nostalgic; and then there are the outright absurd. The exhibition brings forward these stories in the most ubiquitous of ways — using everyday supermarket products. Thinking of ways to pass these stories on, we looked at histories—botanical, etymological, political—of different foodstuffs present here. They are packed neatly onto shelves not unlike those found in stores across this country, and this part of the world, each referring to a more or less clearly defined geographical area, along with the most rudimentary imaginations thereof.  
As they stand here like a non-exhaustive collection of some (contemporary) historian obsessed with packaging design, they also crack open the perpetually intertwining global relations in all their gore and glory.